Sustainable CT Community Certification Report

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This is the Sustainable CT Certification Report of Old Lyme, a Sustainable CT silver certified applicant.

Old Lyme was certified on November 01, 2021 with 430 points. Listed below is information regarding Old Lyme’s Sustainable CT efforts and materials associated with the applicant’s certified actions.

Contact Information

The designated Sustainable CT contact for Old Lyme is:

Name:Cheryl Poirier
Title/Position:Chairperson / The Board of Selectman's Sustainable Old Lyme Team

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Old Lyme was approved for in 2021 appears below. Please enjoy this opportunity to view and learn from the information and materials provided.

Notes: Submission content was created by Old Lyme, and Sustainable CT makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the submission, beyond that an individual reviewer approved at least some elements of the action for certification. Further, standards for actions below may have changed, and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action. Finally, approved actions here may include some documents and descriptions in support of action elements that were not approved, in addition to elements that were approved. In preparing your own application, please rely only on the action write-ups for the current certification year to guide your submission. Please contact [email protected] with specific questions.

  • 1. Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts

    1.1 Optimize for Equity — REQUIRED for All Certification Levels

    30 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 1.1 (old 9.1.1) Complete the Equity Toolkit (10 points), Action 1.4, SWOT workshops August and September 2019 1.1 (old 9.1.1) Complete the Equity Toolkit (10 points), Action 5.5.3, Conduct a Pedestrian Audit, completed July 30, 2020 1.1 Optimize for Equity (10 Points), Action 4.4 Create an Arts & Culture Program for Youth

    Documentation Details: NEW: Attached for our 2021 - 1.1 submission with the Town of Lyme, please find the Old Lyme Advance CT 2019 Town Profile, the Lyme Advance CT 2019 Town Profile, and the Lyme-Old Lyme School District Profile and Performance 2019 2020: The 9.1 Old Lyme Town Demographics CERC 2018 Town Profile and the Old Lyme Survey Results 2019 final report (EDC) is referenced in both 9.1 Toolkit submissions. The following documents are for 9.1/1.4 (Business Roundtable: - 9.1 Old Lyme Optimize for Equity for Action 1.4 (this is the narrative) - 1.4 Old Lyme SWOT workshop invitation - 9.1 Old Lyme SWOT Workshop Findings - Old Lyme Economic Development Study final - Halls Road Presentation with votes and feedback at end of document. The following documents are for 9.1/5.5.3 (pedestrian audit): -9.1 Old Lyme for Action 5.5.3 Pedestrian Audit (this is the narrative) - 5.5.3 Old Lyme Phase 2 Walk Audit Form - AARP Walk Audit Tool Kit - 5.5.3 Old Lyme Phase 1 Audit Press Release

    Partners: 1.1 (Optimize for Equity): NEW: The Town of Old Lyme worked side by side with the Town of Lyme to undertake action 4.4 using the Equity toolkit. Partners who participated in the Equity Toolkit Process included: Regional School District #18, Lymes' Youth Service Bureau, Old Lyme-PGN Library, Lyme Library, Lyme Parks & Recreation, Music Now Foundation/Nightingale's Cafe, Lyme Academy of Fine Art, and the Lyme Art Association. The Economic Development Commission contracted with CERC/Advance CT to analyze and facilitate its survey, SWOT workshops, and provide a final economic development report. The Town's Economic Development Commission partnered with the Town's Halls Road Improvement Committee in many presentations. The Town's Sustainable Old Lyme Team worked with the Lymes Senior Center, the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme's Environmental Committee, Saint Ann's environmental group, and the Conservation Commission to develop the Phase 1 audit, and to promote the Sustainable Old Lyme activities during Action 5.5.3

    Additional Information: The Economic Roundtable and study (2.4), and the Walk Audit 6.5.2) were approved in our August 2020 submission. 2021: Our new submission is the Youth Arts Programming (4.4) Equity Toolkit

  • 2. Thriving Local Economies

    2.4 Provide Resources and Supports to Local Businesses

    5 Points

    Approved Information: 2.4.1 Provide Resources and Support to Local Businesses/Host one or more business roundtables (5 points), workshops August - September 2019

    Documentation Details: "2.4.1 Old Lyme Business Roundtables" is the narrative for this action. "2.4.1 Old Lyme SWOT workshop invitation" shows what was sent to all invitees. "2.4.1 Old Lyme-Advance CT SWOT workshops final report" presents the analysis of findings from the two SWOT roundtable workshops. 2.4.1 worksheet - Old Lyme

    Partners: 2.4.1 (provide resources to local businesses) Old Lyme municipality's Economic Development Commission worked with both Advance CT (CERC) to create, promote and conduct this economic roundtable/SWOT workshop. The EDC is also collaborating with the Town's Halls Road Improvement Committee to incorporate the findings and creating next steps.

    Additional Information: If the url links do not work in the pdf narrative (some had page breaks), they are as follows: CT Examiner article: The Day article:

  • 3. Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources

    3.4 Develop an Open Space Plan

    35 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 3.4.2 Prioritize Resources for Protection, worksheet 1 (5 Points) 3.4.3 Develop an Open Space Plan, worksheet 2 and Open Space Plan (10 Points) 3.4.4b Increase Preserved Open Space in the Community. Narrative (5 Points) 3.4.4c Improve Open Space Parcels, Narrative (5 Points) 3.4.4d Establish an Open Space Acquisition Fund, Narrative, 2020-21 budget, 2021-22 budget, Minutes of Town Meeting approving 2021-22 budget (10 Points)

    Documentation Details: 3.4.4d Minutes of May 2021 reflect the 2021-2022 budget was passed. In the 2020-21 and 2021-22 budgets, Open Space budget for operating costs can be found under 202 292. The Acquisition Fund is found under Capital Project Funds, 210 1020.

    Partners: 3.4 (open space plan) Old Lyme Open Space Commission works with the Old Lyme Land Trust toward a cross-town trail system. The L-OL High School Environmental Club built birdhouses for Open Space, and works alongside Open Space volunteers to clear and improve trails. The Connecticut Hiking Alliance helped remove horse fencing at McCulloch Family Open Space. Grants from the Nature Conservancy, Rockfall Foundation and the Hartford Audubon Society have helped the Open Space Commission achieve its objectives.

    3.8 Implement Low Impact Development

    5 Points

    Approved Information: 3.8.1a. Promoting LID solutions through distributing brochures (5 points)

    Documentation Details: "3.8.1.a Low Impact Development Old Lyme" is an overview of the work completed on the action and includes screenshots. "3.8.1_LID Guide_Old Lyme" is a PDF of the educational material distributed. Our target was homeowners and developers who would see the LID information on our website. The link is It is linked through the Land Use Department page

    Partners: 3.8 (low impact development) None

    Additional Information: The LID guide was published to the Town website in August of 2019.

    3.10 Facilitate Invasive Species Education and Management

    10 Points

    Approved Information: 3.10.2: Municipal Removal of Invasive Species (5 points), June and July 2020 3.10.3 Residential Education (5pts), July 2020 hands-on workshops

    Documentation Details: 2021: the screenshots of the two webpages are corrections to our site as requested by the October 2020 application reviewer 3.10.3: Web link is Previous submission: The Nix the Knotweed Flyer was provided to participants of the Knotweed hands-on events, and is shared on the Town's website, and on the NixTheKnotweed Facebook page. (2021: The Flyer in this submission has been replaced with an updated version to reflect the program's new name.) Please note, the Knotweed removal program that has been in place for 18 months was very recently renamed "Nix the Knotweed"

    Partners: 3.10 (invasive species) The Town and its Public Works Department partnered with the volunteer group, "Nix the Knotweed" for the removal of Knotweed behind Town Hall. Public Works was responsible for ensuring all Knotweed cuttings were removed and transported to the Transfer Station for incineration (not the composting or leaf removal pile). The Lyme Art Association provided the location for residential education (and Knotweed removal). Volunteers from "Small Efforts/Big Impact" helped Nix the Knotweed with snipping and with an educational video, and volunteers from the Duck River Garden Club of Old Lyme participated in Knotweed removal.

    Additional Information: Per the Reviewer's 10/15/2020 comment, the website labels have been fixed: and

    3.12 Enhance Pollinator Pathways

    20 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 3.12.1, Provide Education to residents and local businesses (5 points) 3.12.2 Create and Upgrade Existing Pollinator Gardens (15 Points)

    Documentation Details: Documentation such as images is embedded throughout the two narratives. The Old Lyme website includes pollinator pathway information at

    Partners: 3.12 (pollinator pathways) The Town's Sustainable Old Lyme Team led the Pollinate Old Lyme initiative. The Old Lyme Pollinator Pathway program was a highly collaborative initiative. Partners include Old Lyme Land Trust, Old Lyme-PGN Library, Duck River Garden Club, Connecticut Audubon's Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, Lyme's Youth Services Bureau, Town of Lyme Pollinator Pathway, St Ann's Episcopal Church, First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Lyme-Old Lyme Junior Womens Club, Old Lyme Historical Society, Florence Griswold Museum, Lyme Art Association, Lyme-Old Lyme Food Share Garden. Old Lyme Commissions and Boards involved include: Sustainable Old Lyme Team, Conservation Commission, Tree Commission, Open Space Commission. The First Selectman's Office and Old Lyme Public Works also supported this initiative. Pollinator Pathway Northeast provided invaluable guidance as we began our Old Lyme initiative.

  • 4. Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems

    4.1 Map Tourism and Cultural Assets

    15 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 4.1.1 Create a Tourism & Cultural Asset Map (10 points), updated July 28, 2020 4.1.2 Update your Profile on (5 points), updated July 15, 2020

    Documentation Details: 2021: the new 4.1.1b worksheet has been added. Our Tourism google map can be found at The pdf submitted here "4.1 Map Tourism Assets" contains links to our google map of tourism assets, and our profile page. Our page was checked as recently as 8-20-21, it is up to date, and needs no changes. You can see in the attached screenshot we alerted the Office of Tourism website administrator that a local business could be taken off the site because it closed. also included are three screenshots covering the CTVisit Old Lyme page, you can find it at

    Partners: 4.1 (Map Tourism Assets) The Town worked with Old Lyme Arts District to create the google map and list of assets. The Connecticut Office of Tourism provided guidance on the Town updating its webpage.

    Additional Information: The Town's page can be found at: The Interactive Tourism Map available to the Public can be found at:

    4.2 Support Arts and Creative Culture

    25 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 4.2.1 Establish a Poet Laureate (item 1), updated 4/17/2020 and approved 5/27/20 4.2.3 Commit dedicated funding to the arts, Proposed FY budget for 2020-2021 (item 2), updated 4/17/20 and approved 5/27/20 4.2.2 Include arts and culture in publicly available municipal marketing (item 3, 3 items for 10 points), updated 7/28/2020 4.2.8 Establish an Arts District, (item 4, additional 5 points), updated 7/28/2020 4.2.9 Establish an annual recognition program for local artists: Student Juried Art Show - Virtual gallery during Covid Precautions (item 5, additional 5 points), launched June 5, 2020 4.2.10 Support Art Events at the Local Public Library (item 6, additional 5 points), event on 9/18/19

    Documentation Details: Document "4.2 Overview OldLyme" documents 4.2.1 and 4.2.3 which were approved May 2020. "4.2.1 Article in CT Examiner" provides information on the Poet Laureate (4.2.1) "4.2.3 FY 2020-2021 Proposed Budget" PDF of Old Lyme's budget for FY 2020-21 and was approved in May 2020. 4.3.10: Town Promotion of Library cultural events: see page 18 in "4.2.10 Full Events Magazine Q3 2019 Victorian Tea Party" 4.3.10 See Page 3 of "4.2.10 Library Sept 2019 Calendar of Events" for promotion of the Victorian Tea Party. A printed version of this calendar was available in Town Hall.

    Partners: 4.2 (support arts and creative culture) 4.2.2 and 4.2.8: The Town is an active partner in the Old Lyme Arts District. The Town promotes year-round Arts District events. During District events the Town also provides safety-related services including traffic control, electronic signage for parking and traffic, text alert capabilities through Everbridge, and provides the certificates of insurance for District events when needed. 4.2.10 The Town funds the Old Lyme-Phoebe Griffin Noyes Public Library - $355,000 in FY 2020-21 Old Lyme students attend Regional District 18 ("Lyme-Old Lyme Schools"). With the majority of the District's students living in Old Lyme, the Town of Old Lyme provides roughly 80% of the school district. 4.2.9 For its annual art show, the Lyme-Old Lyme School District partner with the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and the Lymes Youth Services Bureau. Additional promotion is done by the Old Lyme Arts District and the Town of Old Lyme.

    4.4 Provide an Arts and Culture Program for Youth

    20 Points

    Approved Information: 4.4.1: Provide an Arts and Culture Program for Youth (20 Points)

    Documentation Details: 4.4.1.a Inventory of Programming "Arts Survey Results" show the results of a survey of students in grades 6-12 on what arts programming they take advantage of and what they might be interested in, as well as why they might not participate. Attached please find a narrative "4.4 Youth Arts Programming Old Lyme and Lyme FN 8132021" that covers steps 4.4.1.b, c, and d

    Partners: 4.4 (youth arts program) Town of Lyme Sustainable Lyme Committee, Lymes' Youth Service Bureau, Regional School District #18, Lyme Library, Old Lyme-PGN Library, Music Now Foundation, Lyme Parks & Recreation, Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Lyme Art Association

    Additional Information: This action was done using the Equity Toolkit, as outlined in Action submission 1.1. This is also reported under 8.5.2, Implement an Action with another Municipality

  • 5. Dynamic and Resilient Planning

    5.1 Integrate Sustainability into Plan of Conservation and Development

    35 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 5.1.1b Sustainability Concepts Integrated in POCD (35 points)

    Documentation Details: 2021 Submission: Please see the Old Lyme Plan of Conservation & Development approved on February 9, 2021 in "2020-2030 Old Lyme POCD." The Sustainable CT worksheet that highlights the seven concepts of found in the POCD can be seen in "5.1.1.b worksheet 2021 OLD LYME." Previous Submission: See "5.1.1b Sustainability Concepts Integrated in POCD" for worksheet outlining 7 concepts in the POCD

    Partners: 5.1 (POCD): None

    5.3 Develop Agriculture-Friendly Practices

    5 Points

    Approved Information: 5.3.2 Provide outreach on CT Farmlink (5 points), visited site on 7/8/19

    Documentation Details: CT Farmlink listing screenshot is attached in Action 5.3.2_CT Farmlink Listing_Old Lyme. Budget from 2018-19 attached in Action 5.3_OpenSpaceAcquisitionFund_fy_2018_budget_OldLyme.pdf. Dollar amount is $75,000. Town hosted a public meeting on 5/20/2019 on using the fund for the acquisition of McCulloch Farm, Old Lyme. See page 1 under Capital Project Funds. The Town's purchase of McCulloch Farm was finalized September 4, 2019 (article screenshot attached, link is

    Partners: 5.3 (Ag-friendly practices) CT Farmlink: website listing Old Lyme's farmland for lease

    5.5 Inventory and Assess Historic Resources

    20 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: New: 5.5.1 Identify Multiplee Historic Assets - 12 properties highlighted (15 points) 2020 Submission: 5.5.4: Achieve Recognition (5 points), Recognition received in 2006

    Documentation Details: August 2021: Attached find the Summary Document for the Old Lyme Historic and Architectural Resource Inventory. This document provides general information on the historical significance considered when evaluating individual properties. Over 200 properties are included in the Historic Resource Inventory, and there is not one pdf document with all included. Therefore, 12 properties of the 200 have been scanned into one common document for the purposes of this application. The Historic Resource Inventory was completed in January 2019 2020 Submission: 5.5.4: Achieve Recognition. Relevant document: 4.5.4_CLG_OldLyme.pdf

    Partners: 5.5 (inventory historic resources) The Inventory was completed in conjunction with the State Historic Preservation Office, and with assistance by the Old Lyme Historical Society.

  • 6. Clean and Diverse Transportation Systems and Choices

    6.1 Implement Complete Streets

    15 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 2021 Submission: Action 6.1.1 Complete Streets Projects (15 points), project completed in June 2021.

    Documentation Details: 2019 Submission: See "6.1.6_Overview_OldLyme" for submission requirements including before and after photos. Additionally, "Action 6.1.6 Soundview Project Article in The Day" is an article from The Day that gives additional descriptions about the project effort. 2021 Submission: We have added 6.1.6 Worksheet #1 for the project described in the 2019 submission #2 2021 Submission: This is a new Complete Streets project, completed during the summer of 2021. Photos of before and after are included in the 6.1.6 Worksheet #2 Old Lyme Sound view Gateway Improvements. 2018 Minutes from the Sound View Commission and a 2012 public presentation on improvements to Sound View are shared to document the longtime ongoing work of the committee members.

    Partners: 6.1 (implement complete streets) 2018: The Sound View Commission helped secure a federal grant for the project. 2021 New submission: The Town of Old Lyme received a Community Connectivity Construction Grant of $400,000 from the State of Connecticut in 2019 to provide safe pedestrian connection from where the complete street project #1 left off on Hartford Avenue and provide connectivity to businesses and the police station on RT 156/Shore Rd., known as “the Sound View Gateway.”

    Additional Information: 2018 Project description: Old Lyme improved Hartford Avenue in Sound View with the addition of street furniture, wheelchair ramps, newly planted trees, sidewalks and roadway surface treatments, bump-outs, shared lane marking, and bike parking. Town held a public meeting on June 18, 2016 about the potential for a bike route and other improvements. Old Lyme celebrated the completion of these improvements on May 4, 2018. 2021 Project description: Construction in the 2021 Sound View Gateway project included: • New (not expanded) 5 foot handicap accessible sidewalks, crosswalks, • curbing, • seeding, and • “share the road” lane markings. These changes provide a direct sidewalk connection for pedestrians to walk safely from an elementary grade school ¾ miles away to the Sound View Public Beach, restaurants, the Little Free Library, and to the famous Carousel Shop. In addition, there was consensus from businesses located within the project area that safely connecting the beach to their businesses would be a positive change for their business.

    6.5 Promote Public Transit and Other Mobility Strategies

    15 Points

    Approved Information: 6.5.1 Educate residents via existing regional mobility managers, websites, and social media apps, about alternative routes and transportation methods (5 points), approved 5/27/2020 6.5.3 Conduct a bicycle and/or pedestrian audit (10 points), audits took place April and July of 2020

    Documentation Details: "Action6.5.1_PublicTransitOutreach_TownWebsite" link on the town website to the Estuary Transit website. "Action6.5.1_EstuaryTransitOutreach" includes examples of outreach in Events Magazine. Events Magazines, published by Essex Printing, are quarterly town magazines. They publish and mail Event Magazines for 14 towns along the shoreline, including Old Lyme, and up the CT River Valley. Each publication is mailed to every resident in each town providing 100% market coverage to advertisers. It also includes screenshots of online options for transit users. Brochures on bus routes and more info about 9 Town Transit are also available at the Town Hall. 6.5.3: The Old Lyme EDC Survey Findings attached here: Pages 8 and 9 show findings excerpted in the audit narrative. Beginning on page 73 are individual comments by survey respondents including interest in specific pedestrian or bicycle infrastructure. The AARP Walk Audit Tool was used in the Phase 1 Audit and was edited for Phase 2. The Old Lyme Walk:Bike Survey Monkey Results share the results from an online survey that supplemented our audit. The audit results are in the "6.5.3 Old Lyme Pedestrian Audit - July 2020" narrative. The 2021 worksheet for 6.5.3 is also attached.

    Partners: 6.5.1 (public transportation): 9 Town Transit 6.5.3 (walk audit): Study Findings by Economic Development Commission findings in concert with CERC/Advance CT The Town's Sustainable Old Lyme Team facilitated co-creation of the audit with the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme and Old Lyme Conservation Commission Promotion of audit/survey with the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Lymes Senior Center, Lymeline newspaper, Saint Ann's Episcopal Church environmental group.

    Additional Information: The walk audit was done using the Equity Toolkit, see Action 1.1

  • 7. Renewable and Efficient Energy Infrastructure and Operations

    7.3 Achieve High Energy Performance for Individual Buildings

    5 Points

    Approved Information: 7.3.2: Achieve LEED Gold for Old Lyme High School (5 points); current and awarded in Dec 2015

    Documentation Details: See "7.3.2_OldLymeHighSchoolScorecard_OldLyme" for the Old Lyme High School scorecard from the US Green Building Council website. The building is located at 69 Lyme Street. See link here: Please see the "2021 RSD Letter LEEDS" for a letter from the school system Facilities Director stating the LEEDS status in still intact. The URL is

    Partners: 7.3 (high energy performance) Regional School District #18 (Lyme-Old Lyme Schools)

    7.6 Install Efficient Exterior Lighting

    10 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 7.6.3a Convert Exterior Decorative Lighting and Park Lighting (10 points)

    Documentation Details: 7.6.2 The streetlights were converted in the summer of 2017. 7.6.3.a Exterior park lighting LED conversion has been completed during Fiscal Year 2020/2021 On the Old Lyme 2020-21 Approved Budget, see page two for circled items LED lighting for Town Hall, Senior Center, and Animal Control See photos of Town Woods Park LED lighting and the Senior Center (adjacent lot to Town Woods Park). Letter from Phil Parcak, Town Facilities Director ("7.6.3.a Facility Manager Overview of LED exterior park lighting.pdf"), provides list of LED conversions A new restroom facility, construction completion during FY20-21, shows the bathroom specs include LED lighting inside and outside.

    Partners: 7.6 (Efficient Exterior Lighting) none

    Additional Information: The Town of Old Lyme has converted all streetlights to LED lights, reducing our electric use substantially. Our energy use has decreased by more than 65% on average. All lighting in/on municipal properties have been part of a conversion to LED lighting over the past three years.

  • 8. Inclusive Engagement, Communication and Education

    8.1 Hold a Sustainability Event

    15 Points

    Approved Information: NEW Submission: 8.1 Host a sustainability event (15 points), these events were held between 2019 and 2021. 2020 Submission (this event has now been rolled into the 2021 worksheet template) : 8.1 Host a sustainability event (5 points), event was held January 27, 2020, submission updated June 2020

    Documentation Details: NEW: See "8.1 2019-2021 Sustainability Events in Old Lyme - SCT Template" for the worksheet provided by Sustainable CT with the most current submissions. From 2020 Submission: "8.1 2020 _OldLyme-Sustainability-Forum-Template" documentation details in Sustainable CT's template format is attached for historical application purposes, (unsure if it should be deleted, so kept). Supporting documents each are numbered ("8.1 #1" to correspond with the event Column 1 number ("#1"). The Halls Road cleanup document (8.1 #13) has two items in it, a poster and a town Facebook post. The Town 20-21 Budget is attached to show the Town's financial support to the OL-PGN Public Library.

    Partners: 8.1 (sustainability events) Connecticut Citizens Action Group, Connecticut Chapter Sierra Club, OL-PGN Public Library, State Senator Formica, State Senator Needleman, Sate Reps Palm, Carney, and Cheesman, Save the Sound, Lyme-Old Lyme Environmental Club, CT DEEP, Lyme Land Trust, Lyme Library, The Steward B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center of the CT Audubon Society, Community Foundation of Eastern CT, Reynolds Subaru, Town volunteers with the Open Space Commission, Sustainable Old Lyme, and the Halls Road Improvements Committee

    Additional Information: Information in the template from our 2020 submission (it had one event on it) has been rolled into the new template. No event listed is part of another action.

    8.2 Provide Effective Community Communications

    15 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 8.2 Provide Effective Community Communications (15 points)

    Documentation Details: In addition to the new worksheet for 8.1.a, attached please find the Communications Inventory (8.2.a), Communications Strategy (8.2.) and three additional pdf's: the Senior Center newsletter, the Town's quarterly Events Magazine, and the Town's Guide to Boards and Commissions which informs Town volunteers on FOIA requirements in communicating with the Public. At the end of the 8.2. Communications Strategy document are multiple screenshots showing other examples of our communications strategy in action. Links to particular supporting webpages are included in both the Inventory and Strategy documents.

    Partners: 8.2 (communications plan) The Town and its Boards and Commissions collaborate with many organizations to communicate with the public. This includes Lymes Youth Services Bureau, Old Lyme-Phoebe Griffin Notes Library, Old Lyme Arts District, Lyme-Old Lyme Chamber of Commerce, social service organizations including Meals on Wheels, Essex Printing (publisher of Events Magazine), State of Connecticut DOT (over-road banner), State of Connecticut Office of Tourism (, and media outlets.

    8.3 Train Municipal Representatives

    10 Points

    Approved Information: 8.3.1 Send commissioners to a training - FOI Workshop (10 points), hosted 2/26/2020

    Supporting Documentation:

    Documentation Details: See "8.3.1 Workshop Attendee List" for a list of commissioners who attended training, as well as their relevant commission. a.One Commissioner from the Inland Wetlands Commission and three commissioners from the Zoning Commission attended this Freedom of Information educational workshop. b. two commissioners from the Economic Development Commission, 2 commissioners from the Conservation Commission, and 2 commissioners from the Historic District Commission attended the Freedom of Information Act training.

    Partners: 8.3 (train municipal representatives) The Connecticut FOIA Commission provided the training.

    Additional Information: The Town participated in an FOI training for boards and commissions on February 26, 2020, from 4:00 - 5:30 PM. The workshop was a big success with a packed room of over 60 attendees.

    8.4 Support Community Match Fund (CMF) Project and Civic Engagement

    5 Points

    Approved Information: 8.4 Support Community Match Fund and Civic Engagement (5 Points)

    Partners: 8.4 (community match fund) Lyme-Old Lyme Food Share Garden, a newly formed LLC

    8.5 Engage in a Sustainable CT Mentorship with Other Municipalities

    40 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 8.5.1, Mentor Other Municipalities, 30 points 8.5.2, Implement an action regionally (Action 4.4 and 1.1 with Town of Lyme), 10 points

    Documentation Details: See 8.5 Worksheet 1 for details of mentoring Lyme and Litchfield. See 8.5 Worksheet 2 for details of Action 4.4 completed with Lyme.

    Partners: 8.5 (collaborate with other municipalities) Town of Lyme - Action 4.4 Provide a Youth Arts Program using the Equity Toolkit Mentored Lyme (overall program) and Litchfield (using the equity toolkit for a walk audit)

    Additional Information: Lynn Shapiro counseled Cheryl Poirier to have Old Lyme and Litchfield submit the mentor relationship for the Equity Toolkit application to the Walk Audit.

  • 9. Strategic Materials Management

    9.1 Report Materials Management Data and Reduce Waste

    5 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 9.1, Report Material Management Materials (5 points)

    Documentation Details: Attached please find the required worksheet as "Old Lyme Waste Form 2019 2020 2021 FN" (excel). The Contact for reporting data, Don Rutty, and his contact information are provided in the word document. There are screenshots of the two Town Website locations where you can click through to our Residential Solid Waste Data: On our Public Works/Trash & Recycle Town webpage page and on our Sustainable Old Lyme Team Town webpage. One screenshot shows the pdf that comes up when you click through, and then the "Old Lyme Solid Waste Flyer FN" is the full page of what you can see on the website (scrolling). This flyer provides the solid waste data as well as promotes lowering our solid waste tonnage, as a glimpse of a planned 2022 program to encourage residents through practical steps to lower their solid waste. Go to to follow our initial solid waste reduction promotion.

    Partners: 9.1 (report waste data), We received excellent guidance from the Sustainable Materials Management Planning and Implementation Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on completing our data sheet. Our municipal trash vendor is CWPM.

  • 10. Optimal Health and Wellness Opportunities

    10.3 Improve Air Quality in Public Spaces

    15 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 10.3.3 Tobacco Free Policy on town properties, (15 points), policy became effective May 1, 2017, and is still enforced.

    Documentation Details: The attached letter is the 2020 reminder by the First Selectman of Old Lyme, Tim Griswold, to all Town Employees. Tim Griswold came into office November 2019.

    Partners: 10.3 (air quality), none

    Additional Information: The Town of Old Lyme adopted a comprehensive Tobacco Free Policy in 2017 which included all outdoor facilities including beaches, parks, recreational facilities, open spaces, and hiking trails. The Policy is still enforced by the Town of Old Lyme. One new sign erected in July 2020 at Hains Park includes the prohibition.

  • 11. Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing

    11.1 Implement an Affordable Housing Plan

    20 Points

    Approved Information: 2021 New Submission: 11.1.1 Create an Affordable Housing Committee (10 Points) PRIOR SUBMISSION : 11.1.2 Submit Housing Data (10 Points)

    Documentation Details: New Submission: 11.1.1: Please find attached the narrative "11.1.1 Affordable Housing Committee FN820" with an overview of the charge of the Affordable Housing Committee, its findings and outcomes, including a Town Ordinance creating an Affordable Housing Commission. The attached Advance CT survey was utilized in the research of the Affordable Housing Committee as it provides resident and business owner survey results addressing affordable housing (including comments). For survey findings on affordable housing, see pages 8,19,28,39, and 42 of the survey document, with open ended comments from residents beginning on page 43. Minutes of an August 17,2020 Affordable Housing Committee meeting are attached. Screenshots of the membership of both the Committee and Commission are also attached. The Affordable Housing Committee charge is attached as a separate document, and the January 25, 2021 Town Meeting minutes with the ordinance approved by Town vote are an addendum at the end of the 11.1.1 narrative. 2020 Submission: 11.1.2: Housing Data: The meeting held was a Old Lyme town council meeting that was open to the public where they filled out this worksheet. The Sustainable CT team reviewed and agreed to this work and changes. Upload 2018 Housing Data Profile for Old Lyme; present the data at the Sustainable Old Lyme Committee meeting, which was held on Aug. 27, 2019 at 3:00 PM; Complete worksheet 2 Housing Data Profile Analysis Worksheet and upload. The meeting and analysis of the housing data profile took place in 2019, the most recent housing data profile is also attached to this submission, and is being used by the newly formed Affordable Housing Commission in its Affordable Housing Plan.

    Partners: 11.1.1 (affordable housing plan) RiverCOG is working on a regional Affordable Housing Plan which the Town of Old Lyme Affordable Housing Commission is participating in.

    Additional Information: New Submission August 2021: We are newly submitting for 11.1.1 - Housing Committee (10 Points). We previously received 10 points for 8.1.1, which is now 11.1.2 Prior Submission Information: August 2020: There was consensus by the committee that we will continue to pursue analysis of housing data profile, particularly in how it relates to our housing diversity, zoning restrictions and affordability. It was an excellent exercise and one that needs to be expanded. Due to the previous reviewer's comments, we are now clarifying that the meeting held was a Old Lyme town council meeting that was open to the public where they filled out this worksheet. The Sustainable CT team reviewed and agreed to this work and changes.

  • 13. Innovative Strategies and Practices

    13.1 Implement Your Own Sustainability Action

    35 Points

    CT Success Story

    Approved Information: 13.1: School district enacted policy committed to 100% clean energy, phasing out all fossil fuels onsite by 2030 (20 points); implemented the Witness Stone Project to honor the lives of formerly enslaved people (15 points).

    Documentation Details: New: The document Action 13.1 Old Lyme Witness Stones Project provides the narrative of the Old Lyme Create Your Own Sustainable Action. Images and the Town Budget are imbedded within this one document. August 2020 Submission: The narrative and timeline for this action are presented in "13.1 Old Lyme Create Your Own Sustainable Action final document." Four documents are presentations made to the Board of Education and referenced in the narrative. "13.1 Old Lyme Waldo comment to BOE" shares community member Rebecca Waldo's public comment before the Board of Education at its February 2020 regular meeting. Board of Education Meeting Minutes: - 3/4/2020: Description of the newly formed Sustainability Committee: Page 9 - 4/1/2020: List of Sustainability Committee members: Page 8 - 6/3/2020: Full Resolution presented to the BOE and its approval: Page 6

    Partners: 13.1 (design your own actions) Witness Stones Project: Founding partners are OL-PGN Library, Florence Griswold Museum, Lyme-Old Lyme Public Schools, and the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme. The Old Lyme Historic District Commission approved the placement of the stones and interpretive signage within the Historic District. Other partners included Lymes' Youth Service Bureau, St Ann's Episcopal Church, Old Lyme Historical Society, the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center of the CT Audubon Society. A grant was received to engage four distinguished Connecticut poets (Marilyn Nelson, Rhonda Ward, Antoinette Brim-Bell, and Kate Rushin) from the Health Improvement Collaborative of Southeastern Connecticut (HIC) Partnership Grant for Racial Equity. BOE Clean Energy Commitment: The Towns of Old Lyme and Lyme make up the Regional School District 18, also known as "Lyme-Old Lyme Schools." Old Lyme contributes roughly 80% of the school district budget. The Old Lyme municipality's Facilities Director, Phil Parcak, is a member of the School District's Sustainability Committee which created and pursued adoption of the "100% Clean Energy by 2030" Resolution by the Board of Education.