6.7 Install Efficient Street Lights

5 Points 15 Points 20 Points


Light your streets with the most efficient bulbs available, either by getting your utility company to convert, or by converting your municipally-owned street lights.

What to Do

  1. Plan and Convert:

    If a utility company owns your community’s street lights, initiate the conversion process with the utility. (5 points)

    Submit: Documentation of utility-ownership of street lights and proof that your representative initiated the conversion process with the utility.

    If you own your own street lights, create a plan detailing what to light, when to light, and at what level. Perform a street light inventory and lighting needs assessment to implement your plan. Replace remaining lights with the most efficient, currently available bulbs (at a minimum, the approved bulbs utilized in the Eversource Energy/United Illuminating conversion process, currently 4000k LED bulbs). (15 points)

    Submit: A copy of your streetlight plan, inventory, and needs assessment (including a description how the plan was utilized in the needs assessment), proof of street light replacement (for example, billing records, contracts, etc.). If your community has replaced your street lights during the past five years with or without the assistance of a streetlight plan, you will receive full credit.

    If you have a mix of utility-owned and municipality-owned street lights: You may complete one or both of the actions and receive full credit for each.

Credit for Past Action

  • Street lights will need to have been replaced within 5 years prior to application submission to receive full credit.

Potential Municipal and Community Collaborators

Staff from the planning, building, public works, and purchasing departments, energy commission, planning and zoning commission, and utility companies could be helpful in implementing this action.


For a complete listing of potential funding opportunities to assist with implementing Sustainable CT Actions, please visit the Sustainable CT Grants Portal, which is searchable by Action. Please also visit the Sustainable CT Resources for Certification page for opportunities for technical assistance and other supports.


Toolkits, Calculators, Guidance Documents

Organizations and Relevant Programs

Why This Matters

Street lights are often a high energy cost to Connecticut’s cities and towns. Currently, the utility companies are engaged in a multi-year effort to replace street lights under their ownership with LED bulbs at no cost to the town. However, municipalities select when to opt-in. If your community owns the street lights, you are not required to transition to LED bulbs, but you may select to replace your lights with more efficient bulbs to reduce your energy use and save money.


LED bulbs use about 70% less energy than traditional bulbs. Relamping can save both energy and money, and presents a wonderful opportunity to educate your citizens on real dollar savings.

Saving energy improves public health by reducing greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants; and

reduces reliance on finite natural resources.

If your community does not own your own street lights, you may have the opportunity to purchase. The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities offers a one-stop-shop program for purchasing and upgrading street lights, with its Street Light Program.

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