Sustainable CT Community Certification Report

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This is the Sustainable CT Certification Report of Bristol, a Sustainable CT bronze certified applicant.

Bristol was certified on October 03, 2018 with 310 points. Listed below is information regarding Bristol’s Sustainable CT efforts and materials associated with the applicant’s certified actions.

Contact Information

The designated Sustainable CT contact for Bristol is:

Name:David Oakes
Title/Position:Facilities Manager / Public Works Department
Address:111 North Main Street
Bristol, CT 06010

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Bristol was approved for in 2018 appears below. Please enjoy this opportunity to view and learn from the information and materials provided.

Notes: Submission content was created by Bristol, and Sustainable CT makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the submission, beyond that an individual reviewer approved at least some elements of the action for certification. Further, standards for actions below may have changed, and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action. Finally, approved actions here may include some documents and descriptions in support of action elements that were not approved, in addition to elements that were approved. In preparing your own application, please rely only on the action write-ups for the current certification year to guide your submission. Please contact with specific questions.

  • 1. Thriving Local Economies

    1.1 Support Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

    15 Points

    CT Success Story

    Additional Information: Ms. Dawn Leger (Grants Administrator) of the Bristol Development Authority is responsible for keeping the City of Bristol Brownfield Inventory up to date and current. Dawn Leger, PhD Bristol Development Authority 111 North Main Street Bristol CT 06010 860.584.6191 Link to Bristol Development Authority Brownfield webpage with Brownfield inventory location map:

    1.4 Provide Resources and Supports to Local Businesses

    5 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol Development Authority actively maintains business listings on the website. Local retailers can contact the BDA to post their information on services, hours of operation and other information which is posted on that website. Options for local retailers to participate in local events abound in Bristol. Options include: local Farmer's Markets, Annual MumFest, Annual Health & Wellness Expo, Home Show, West End Summer Festival and many others. The Central CT Chamber of Commerce is also another avenue for local retailers to promote their goods and services.

    1.6 Participate in and Promote the C-PACE Program

    15 Points

    Additional Information: Link to C-PACE information for Residents on City of Bristol website:

  • 2. Well-Stewarded Land and Natural Resources

    2.1 Provide Watershed Education

    5 Points

    Additional Information: The Bristol Water Department and the Environmental Learning Center have been providing tours for Bristol's 6th grade classes for over 15 years. The City of Bristol Public Works Department (at 111 North Main Street), provides printed information on MS4, construction BMPs, solid waste and recycling disposal guidelines, pet waste, invasive species and information on the CT Construction Stormwater General Permit requirements. The Public Works webpage ( provides information on public services including: winter snow and ice control, wastewater collection and treatment. The Water Pollution Control webpage ( provides information about the City's sanitary sewer system, major service upgrades/accomplishments, blockage and back-up prevention information, FAQs and contact information. The WPC staff conducts educational tours of the treatment facility for local schools and clubs upon request. On June 16, 2018 City Engineer Raymond Rogozinski and Environmental Engineer Carol Noble participated as speakers in the Best Management Practices Tour of the Pequabuck River Watershed, hand-out materials were provided by City Engineering staff. The Tour was also attended by Wetland Commissioners Chairman Fisk, Vice Chair Reed and Commissioner Robinson.

    2.3 Engage in Watershed Protection and Restoration

    15 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol recognizes the importance of long-term operation and maintenance of requirements for stormwater management treatment systems and has set up an award-winning stormwater trust under Article V (Stormwater Control) of the City of Bristol Ordinance. A sample of the annual inspection report is available on the City's website at:

    2.4 Develop an Open Space Plan

    15 Points

    Additional Information: Bristol POCD Part 1 Conservation Strategies page 31 Protect Natural Resources page 31 Preserve Open Space page 35 Link to City of Bristol Document Center: Link to City of Bristol Studies and Reports:

    2.8 Implement Low Impact Development

    5 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol's Stormwater Management Plan is available for public review in printed format at the Public Works Office and online ( The SMP outlines a program of best management practices, goals, responsible individuals and implementation schedules. The SMP provides stormwater basin maps for the City, identifying storm drain and sanitary main pipes, wetland areas, aquifer protection areas and areas of natural diversity.

    2.11 Implement Green Grounds and Maintenance Program

    5 Points
  • 3. Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems

    3.1 Map Tourism and Cultural Assets

    15 Points

    Additional Information: NOTE: information for Bristol and is actively updated by Marketing and Public Relations Specialist Mark Thomas of the Bristol Development Authority.

    3.2 Support Arts and Creative Culture

    10 Points

    Additional Information: Link to City Arts & Culture Commission webpage on City website: Link to Culture & Entertainment webpage on Bristol All Heart webpage: Council Representative Greg Hahn is the City Arts & Culture Commission Liaison and was appointed by Mayor Ellen Zoppo Sassu when the Commission was established on April 10, 2018 (effective on April 27, 2018). Council Representative Hahn's appointment lasts for the duration of his term, which expires November 2019. The City Arts & Culture Commission was previously a City Board prior to April 2018.

  • 4. Dynamic and Resilient Planning

    4.3 Develop Agriculture-Friendly Practices

    10 Points

    Additional Information: Link to City of Bristol website page for Community Garden at 240 Stafford Avenue (Beals Center). A press release was run in the Bristol Press and Bristol Observer prior to the 2018 growing season and also on the Department of Aging Facebook account.

    4.4 Assess Climate Vulnerability

    10 Points

    Supporting Documentation:

    Additional Information: Link to full 2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan for NVCOG Communities :

  • 5. Clean and Diverse Transportation Systems and Choices

    5.4 Support Zero Emission Vehicle Deployment

    5 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol has 91 passenger vehicles in the fleet. Of those 91, 5 are a hybrid vehicles (5.5%). The City also owns a hybrid rubbish truck, dump truck and aerial boom truck.

  • 6. Efficient Physical Infrastructure and Operations

    6.1 Benchmark and Track Energy Use

    5 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol has previously benchmarked all City and Board of Education buildings (including the Water Pollution Control facilities at Battisto Road) using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The Public Works Facilities Manager David Oakes is the contact person for this platform. The properties in the portfolio (totaling sixty-two facilities) are all set up with Eversource Web Services for automatic uploading of electrical and natural gas consumption on a monthly basis. David Oakes manually uploads any facilities with fuel oil consumption on a seasonal basis. David Oakes Public Works Facilities Manager 860.584.6107

    6.3 Achieve High Energy Performance for Individual Buildings

    20 Points

    Supporting Documentation:

    6.5 Develop a Municipal Energy Plan

    10 Points

    6.7 Install Efficient Exterior Lighting

    15 Points

    Additional Information: Link for Residents to report street lighting issues on City of Bristol website:

  • 7. Strategic and Inclusive Public Services

    7.1 Hold a Sustainability Event

    15 Points

    Supporting Documentation:

    Additional Information: Weekly Bristol Farmer's Market is held every Saturday from June 23 to October 27 on City owned property on North Main Street (aka Centre Square). The event encourages local residents to buy local, support businesses within the City and reduce time and conserve resources that would be expended going to establishments out of town. Famer's Market information is provided via the Bristol AllHeart webpage: Saturday Famer's Market: June 23 to October 27 (19 total events) Average attendees: 500/event Wednesday Farmer's Market: 8 events total Average attendees: 150/event Approximately 15 vendors participate in each event Information regarding Farmer's Market attendee count and vendor participation provided by the Bristol Development Authority Director Justin Malley.

    7.3 Train Municipal Representatives

    5 Points

    Supporting Documentation:

    7.5 Report Materials Management Data and Reduce Waste

    5 Points

    Additional Information: Mark Mehall - Superintendent of Solid Waste Operations/Recycling Coordinator Bristol Public Works Department 95 Vincent P Kelly Road Bristol CT 06010 Phone: 860.584.7791 City of Bristol, CT 2014 Population: 60,570 2015 Population: 60,452 2016 Population: 60,147 Annual CT DEEP Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling reports are submitted to the CT DEEP annually each year and are in the public domain for review. Link to City of Bristol website with CT DEEP Annual Recycling Reports:

    7.7 Recycle Additional Materials and Compost Organics

    40 Points

    Additional Information: Other non-mandated CT recyclables that can be disposed of at the Transfer Station include: #3-#7 plastic, covered electronics (e-Waste), mattresses, paint, textiles (clothing), anti-freeze, brush, wood chips, yard waste, construction/demolition debris. An annual Hazardous Household Waste collection event is conducted ever October to allow Bristol residents and other Tunxis Recycling communities to dispose of hazardous materials in a safe manner. The City of Bristol also maintains an extensive organics recycling operation on the closed landfill at 685 Lake Avenue. Fall/Spring leafs, curbside and transfer station yardwaste and brush are ground, windrowed and turned as required to aid in the decomposition of these organic materials into nutrient-rich compost. The generated compost is then used in municipal projects and available to the general public at a location on Vincent P. Kelly Road (sand and wood chips are also available free of charge). Does the City have any compost for Resident? Disposal information for all mandated and non-mandated recycling items is available at the Transfer Station and online: Yard Waste Curbside Collection Service: A pay-subscription Yard Waste service is available to the resident. A service fee of $90/year provides a resident with a 95-gallon automated organics barrel, which is emptied weekly by City Staff/Vehicles. Yard Waste materials collected are then processed on-site at the Bristol Transfer Station into compost which is then available to residents free of charge. Link to Yard Waste service: "How Do I Dispose of.....?" link on Bristol Public Works website: Curbside Recycling Calendars:

  • 8. Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing

    8.1 Design and Implement a Housing Needs Assessment

    15 Points

    Additional Information: The City of Bristol is listed on the 2017 CT Department of Housing Appeals List as having 13.96% affordable housing. The percentage of affordable housing in Bristol increased from 13.25% in 2012, to 13.96% in 2017. PSC Housing Data Profile presented at the City Council Meeting on 8/15/18.

    8.2 Grow Sustainable and Affordable Housing Options

    40 Points

    Additional Information: 2012 City of Bristol Affordable Housing = 13.25% 2017 City of Bristol Affordable Housing = 13.96%

  • 9. Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts

    9.1 Optimize for Equity

    10 Points