Sustainable CT Partners

The Institute for Sustainable Energy

The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University spearheaded and coordinated the development of Sustainable CT and administers the program and certification review.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is a founding partner in the program creation, development, and outreach to municipal leaders.


Sustainable CT is thrilled to partner with ioby (“in our backyards”) on our Community Match Fund program.  ioby is an innovative crowdfunding platform that provides training, coaching, and support to local leaders for projects that make our neighborhoods healthier, greener, more livable, and fun.

National Network

Sustainable CT is proud to be a part of the National Network of Statewide-Local Sustainability Organizations (N2S2O) and to co-chair the Steering Committee.

Initiated in 2015, N2S2O is composed of representatives from 12 statewide sustainability programs from across the United States, all targeted at the local government level. In its first year, the Network established a shared mission, vision, and decision-making framework in order to grow and advance its common objectives and support its individual organizations.

The purpose of the Network is to connect and align statewide sustainability programs, enable its members to share resources and best practices, foster the success of local sustainability initiatives, and collaborate on projects that advance our shared goals. Ultimately, N2S2O's vision is to build a future where sustainability is the norm for every community.