Solar for All Campaign

Solar for All is a nationally recognized program, financed through a public-private partnership between PosiGen, and the Connecticut Green Bank. The program offers homeowners a no-money-down, no credit required solar lease and energy efficiency upgrades to reduce the burden of Connecticut’s high energy costs.

The Solar for All initiative relies on a community-driven campaign style of marketing to successfully reach homeowners in underserved markets. The unique accessibility of this offer brings solar and energy efficiency to homeowners who are left out of traditional programs. Solar for All campaigns have been run in Bridgeport, New Haven, New London, Hartford, Hamden, Greater Hartford, and Middletown.

The Solar for All team relies on municipal leadership and community connections to guide campaign efforts to reach more homeowners, especially in underserved communities. This program is being offered to towns through the Sustainable CT program to satisfy Action 6.8 Implement a Community Energy Campaign and Action 9.1 Optimize for Equity. The Sustainability Team and municipal leadership will work with the Solar for All team for a 5-month period in order to implement a 16-week campaign. To participate, municipalities must submit a Letter of Interest by February 28th, 2020, and will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Municipalities are required to pair this action with Action 9.1 Optimize for Equity.


Towns who do not have a significant Low-and-Moderate Income Homeowner population are encouraged to instead consider hosting a workshop event and earn credit for Action 7.1 Hold a Sustainability Event. Reach out for more information. 

How it Works

The Solar for All team will meet with municipal leadership to review the customer contract, details of the offering, and the campaign plan. Prior to the commencement of a campaign, the Solar for All team and Sustainability team will meet with a Sustainable CT Equity Coach, as well as host an introductory meeting with potential campaign partners. Once launched, the community and campaign team will actively promote the Solar for All offering through media events, workshops, tabling, presentation events, and other outreach channels.

Interested customers will be able to contact the PosiGen team directly to sign up for a no-cost solar home assessment. Towns interested in participating in a Solar for All campaign should review the roles and responsibilities and submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) to Sustainable CT by February 28th to participate. LOIs will be accepted on a rolling basis. The number of campaigns for 2020 is limited and spots will be filled based on need and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Regional campaigns are highly encouraged to maximize the number of participating towns.

Roles / Responsibilities

Municipality must:

  • Assign at least one municipal representative as the point of contact for the campaign
  • Agree to promote the Solar for All program to residents, encourage collaboration from relevant town departments and/or staff (Community Engagement, Library Services, School Superintendent) to work with campaign team on promotion or event participation where appropriate
  • Actively seek partners within the community, make introductions to nonprofits, church, school or other leading community organizations
  • Approve the use of the municipal logo on campaign material and promotion of materials on municipal calendar, website, social media and other promotional channels
  • Participate in weekly check in calls and attendance at kickoff event and potentially other selected campaign events
  • [If municipality plans to work with surrounding municipalities] Agree to identify at least one municipal representative from partner municipalities and work together to coordinate campaign efforts
  • Coordinate with Sustainable CT staff and a Sustainable CT Equity Coach prior to the commencement and during the rollout of a campaign to apply the Equity Toolkit effectively

  • [If municipality plans to work with surrounding municipalities] Agree to identify at least one municipal representative from partner municipalities and work together to coordinate campaign efforts

Solar for All team

  • Staff from PosiGen and the CT Green Bank will be responsible for overall campaign administration, with support from their respective marketing departments and PosiGen residential energy specialists
  • Coordinate marketing and outreach including developing the campaign strategy, staffing all meetings and events, and creating all marketing materials
  • Implement campaign strategy with valuable help from the Sustainability Team and municipal input, including carrying out regular canvassing in the community
  • Track campaign activities, leads generated, and contracts signed
  • PosiGen will be responsible for assessing homes, responding to all customer interests, diligently scheduling appointments, contracting with the customer, and installing the solar system and energy efficiency measures
  • PosiGen will cover the costs of all staff time, canvassing efforts, campaign materials (including flyers, lawn signs, general signage), with an estimated value greater than $15,000 per campaign
  • Draft deliverables and documentation for Action 6.8 and Action 9.1
  • Coordinate with municipality and Sustainable CT Equity Coach to incorporate the Equity Toolkit process into the campaign strategy

A PDF of this announcement is available

Anticipated Timeline