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June Research Webinar Series

June 07, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Stakeholder evaluation to inform large-scale resilience planning"
June 09, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Real Estate Values, Tax Revenues, and Climate Change-Induced Retreat from Flood Zones"
June 11, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Modeling Nearshore Dynamics of Extreme Storms in Complex Environments of Connecticut"
June 14, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Extreme Precipitation and Riverine Flood Risk"
June 16, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Simulation and Momentum Analysis of Tides Over the Salt Marsh at Guilford, CT"
June 18, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"GIS Modeling of Urban Flood Prone Areas"
June 21, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Change in Heat Vulnerability and Land-use Influence"
June 23, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
"Transit Oriented Development"
June 25, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:20 pm
"Legal & Policy Tools for Climate Resilience"
June 25, 2021 - 12:20 pm to 1:00 pm
"Policy Panel - Discussion with Research Teams"

Throughout the month of June, hear about innovative Resilient Connecticut climate change research in this CIRCA "brown bag" webinar series. Focused on specific topics and condensed on time, enjoy one or all nine of these free webinars by clicking on the Register link above.

Each event will be held for 30 minutes during the lunch hour with ~ 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A. The final webinar on June 25 will run an extra 30 minutes and feature a panel of previous speakers who will discuss policy implications of their work in a moderated Q&A format. Each event will be moderated by CIRCA's Assistant Director of Research, Dr. Yaprak Onat.

An abstract and more information for each webinar will be added below this schedule in the Program Details later this month. If you can't attend these live events, please feel free to watch them on UConn CIRCA's YouTube channel later.

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