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How Food and Water Policies Fail Communities of Color

June 11, 2021 - 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Climate change is already impacting access to healthy, safe, and affordable food and water across the United States. From food security and nutritional content to algae and blooms and waste ponds, these climate impacts have been felt first and worst by low wealth and BIPOC communities.

For the fourth webinar in the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health's Climate and Health Equity series, Julian Gonzalez of Earthjustice will join Dr. Mark Mitchell for a discussion on how current policies have failed to protect communities from the food and water impacts of climate change. Gonzalez serves as a water policy lobbyist as a part of the Healthy Communities team at Earthjustice in Washington, D.C. and has spent his career working on environmental justice and water issues. He will cover climate and water policy areas including agricultural runoff, shellfish contamination, algae blooms, and waste ponds. Dr. Mitchell is a preventive medicine physician trained in environmental health and health policy and has spent over twenty years working in the public health sector and with environmental justice communities. He will discuss the impact of climate on agriculture, food justice, and briefly explore solutions.

Health professionals have a key role to play in testifying on the health impacts of climate change on food and water.

Event Type: Webinar
Event Category: General Sustainability Event

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