Sustainable CT Community Certification Report

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This is the Sustainable CT Certification Report of Fairfield, a Sustainable CT silver certified applicant.

Fairfield was certified on November 01, 2021 with 605 points. Listed below is information regarding Fairfield’s Sustainable CT efforts and materials associated with the applicant’s certified actions.

Contact Information

The designated Sustainable CT contact for Fairfield is:

Name:John Cottell
Department:Department of Public Works

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Fairfield was approved for in 2021 appears below. Please enjoy this opportunity to view and learn from the information and materials provided.

Notes: Submission content was created by Fairfield, and Sustainable CT makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the submission, beyond that an individual reviewer approved at least some elements of the action for certification. Further, standards for actions below may have changed, and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action. Finally, approved actions here may include some documents and descriptions in support of action elements that were not approved, in addition to elements that were approved. In preparing your own application, please rely only on the action write-ups for the current certification year to guide your submission. Please contact [email protected] with specific questions.