Sustainable CT Community Match Fund


Sustainable CT's Community Match Fund is an innovative program that provides fast, flexible funding and support for engaging your community on wide-ranging sustainability projects. Eligible projects receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds from Sustainable CT.

Have an idea to make your community more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant? Contact our Community Partnership Manager.


Anyone in a Sustainable CT registered municipality can participate in this program to implement highly visible projects to improve their communities. Municipalities, nonprofits, community groups, schools, libraries, and individual residents can all propose projects and double their impact with our match funding. If your municipality is not yet registered with Sustainable CT, please contact us.  We’d be happy to speak with you, provide any information you may need, and discuss the registration process.

We currently have special, targeted amplifier funding available for composting and climate change/energy.  All projects must align with Sustainable CT actions and are eligible for certification points.  For inspiration, check out these examples of Community Match Fund projects eligible for these targeted funds:

Climate Change/Energy Amplifier Fund:

CHEER Middletown Energy Efficiency Program

Branford Clean Energy Campaign
New Haven I ♥ My Home Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program


Composting Amplifier Fund:

Greenwich Food Scrap Recycling Pilot Program
New Canaan Composting Initiative
Stamford Food Scrap Recycling Initiative


And Introducing the Social Change Amplifier Fund. To qualify for the Social Change Amplifier Match Fund, community projects should: be organized by Black, Latinx, Multiracial, Indigenous and POC leaders (grassroots groups, individual resident or nonprofit organization); provide broad public benefits to the community (not to support private businesses or individuals through such methods as bail funds or rental assistance); align with Sustainable CT’s action roadmap; and be planned for one or more of Sustainable CT’s registered towns. Find out more.


If you have an idea to make your community more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant, contact our Community Partnership Manager, at [email protected].

Need even more inspiration? Check out past and current projects in our Community Match Fund flipbook.

Detailed program information and eligibility is available here.

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Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund is generously supported by the Hampshire Foundation, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and the Connecticut Green Bank..