Why Participate?

Each Sustainable CT action has multiple benefits with an associated icon, in addition to contributing to the improvements attributed to the category (e.g., thriving local economies, vibrant and creative cultural ecosystems). Your community will also benefit from:

Recognition. Put your municipality on the map for its existing sustainability successes.

Inspiration. Inspire other municipalities with your stories and accomplishments.

Peer Learning. Be part of a vibrant, locally-driven network to accelerate the exchange of information, materials and best practices.

Innovation. Be part of a learning laboratory that drives innovation.

Funding and Other Resources. Leverage existing funding, access opportunities for new funding, and connect with our Sustainable CT Fellowship Program to support local sustainability action.

Economic Benefit. Demonstrate municipal commitment to sustainability, and businesses and potential residents may be more likely to locate in your community, growing the local tax base.

Partnerships. Connect with partners—like other municipalities, regional entities, business and nonprofits—to create synergies and alignment with existing, data-driven efforts.

Community Building. Through our uniform platform across municipalities, engage community stakeholders, increasing ownership, legitimacy and support for sustainability action.

Track Data. Utilize our framework to track your municipality’s progress on specific sustainability indicators.

The Future. Current and future residents depend on forward-looking, local action now to ensure vibrant economies and healthy, resilient communities in the future.