Sustainable CT Community Match Fund


Sustainable CT's innovative Community Match Fund provides fast, flexible funding and support to implement projects that align with our menu of sustainability actions. Unlike traditional funding programs, the Community Match Fund is focused on decreasing the hurdles faced by community leaders when applying for grants. We're structured to support and amplify grassroots efforts that strive to transform their community, neighborhood, and town for the good. We invite any project that aligns with Sustainable CT's Actions, and is led by individual residents, nonprofits, community groups, municipalities, schools, libraries – anyone in a Sustainable CT-registered town.

Get inspired to start your own Community Match Fund campaign by viewing a flipbook of recent projects OR our 2023 Community Match Fund Annual Report.

And listen to an April, 2024 edition of the IMPACT, a Sustainable CT podcast. Weston High School teacher Michael Aitkenhead and a few of his industrious students joined us to discuss their pollinator garden project - an interactive ecosystem where students can get hands-on experience with wildlife and problem-solving. That's right, it's a Community Match Fund project!


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Whether you're dreaming of more green spaces, solar for public spaces, greenways for biking and walking, local arts and creative culture programs, welcoming community spaces, green jobs programs, community composting programs, or community gardens, the Sustainable CT Community Match Fund can help make your idea a reality. We'll work with you to develop and run a crowdfunding campaign, and we'll match the donations you receive dollar-for-dollar.

The Sustainable CT Community Match Fund is broadly organized into four funding focus areas:

General Fund for Sustainability Projects: Projects that align with the Sustainable CT roadmap of actions that promote high-quality, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods and towns. 

Climate Change & Clean Energy Amplifier Fund: Projects that promote, support, or target energy efficiency, renewable energy, and GHG reduction.

Social Change Amplifier Fund: Projects led by Black, Latinx, Multiracial, Indigenous and other People of Color (POC) community organizers and organizations.

Food Waste Diversion & Composting Amplifier Fund: Projects that promote food waste diversion and composting. 

Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund is generously supported by the Hampshire Foundation, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, the Connecticut Green Bank, and Supporting Organizing Work CT. Contact us about adding your support to the Community Match Fund match pool.