General Fund for all Sustainability Projects

The General Sustainability Fund supports projects that align with any action in the Sustainable CT roadmap of actions. These projects promote sustainable, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods and towns.

Focus Area Details

  • $15,000 maximum project budget.

  • Sustainable CT will match crowdfunded dollars raised.  For example, for a $15,000 project, $7,500 is raised through crowdfunding, matched by $7,500 from Sustainable CT.

  • The spirit of the Community Match Fund is to support and amplify grassroots efforts that strive to transform their community, neighborhood, and town for the good of all. We have found that crowdfunding is the best way to ensure that projects are responding to their community and have community buy-in for their projects. We welcome donations at all levels, however any donation that exceeds 35% of your crowdfunding goal will only be matched by Sustainable CT up to the 35% threshold.


Example: If your crowdfunding goal is $7,500 and you receive a donation of $3,000 (40% of goal), Sustainable CT will only match up to $2,625 (35% of goal) of the $3,000 donation. 

Project Examples

A Midsummer Night's Dream in Downtown Rockville
Urban Micro Farming
Essex 3 Villages Source to Sea Cleanup Day​
Portland Farm Forest Camp


Other Project Ideas

Land and Natural Resource Protection

Projects that promote the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of lands, waterbodies, and other natural resources.

Arts and Culture and Local Economies

Projects that promote local arts and creative culture, enhance community spaces, and/or support local business and tourism.

Public Transportation

Projects that improve or create sustainable mobility options, including walking, biking, and public transit.

Healthy & Sustainable Food Networks

Projects that provide food & health education, increase food security, and promote local food production.