Civic Pride & Engagement

Projects that align with the Sustainable CT roadmap of actions that promote high-quality, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods and towns. It is the most general set of projects, and covers a wide variety of ideas.

Focus Area Details

  • $15,000 Max, $1-to-$1 Match: $7500 Community Contributions/$7500 Sustainable CT​

  • Up to 35% of any one contribution is eligible for a full match by Sustainable CT​

Project Examples

Essex 3 Villages Source to Sea Cleanup Day​
Hartford Vertical Farming Training Program
Mill Hill Outdoor Ecological Learning Environment
Portland Farm Forest Camp


Other Project Ideas

Land and Natural Resource Protection

Projects that promote the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of lands, waterbodies, and other natural resources.

Arts and Culture and Local Economies

Projects that promote local arts and creative culture, enhance community spaces, and/or support local business and tourism.

Public Transportation

Projects that improve or create sustainable mobility options, including walking, biking, and public transit.

Healthy & Sustainable Food Networks

Projects that provide food & health education, increase food security, and promote local food production.