A New Beginning for Affordable Housing in Connecticut!


All Connecticut municipalities were required to have an Affordable Housing Plan by June 1, 2022. While the work of implementation begins, Sustainable CT is here to support and inspire!


Sustainable CT’s mission, to foster inclusive, resilient, and vibrant Connecticut municipalities that provide opportunities for all to thrive, is supported by our innovative Action Framework. This Action roadmap includes our Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing Category:

For registered communities, Sustainable CT Equity Coaches work one-on-one with towns to help connect with marginalized residents and co-create affordable housing solutions. Sustainable CT communities learn from each other with the opportunity to explore successful programs and policies submitted by other member towns.


The Sustainable CT Fellows Affordable Housing Plan Project


Sustainable CT Fellows undertake a project each summer that supports our wider programming. This year, with input from Council of Government (COG) staff across the state of Connecticut, our Fellows created a series of tools to assist municipalities as they work to implement affordable housing plans. 

Sustainable CT Fellows created a searchable database cataloging municipal affordable housing plan content, searchable by strategy type, region, or specific demographic data point.  The database can be used to identify opportunities among communities and across COG connections for the creation of implementation of affordable housing strategies. Taking the assigned project one step further, the Fellows analyzed municipal affordable housing plan data for each COG region and suggested strategies for support programming by Sustainable CT. The Fellows also created an interactive Affordable Housing Story Map that allows users to access affordable housing plans as well as Conservation and Development plans for each of Connecticut's 169 towns. 

The Fellows’ presentation to Sustainable CT and COG staff on August 8th included demonstrations of their database tools along with their interactive Affordable Housing Story Map. The presentation is available for viewing here (at the top of the page) and on the Sustainable CT YouTube channel.  The interactive Affordable Housing Story Map and underlying searchable database will be available soon.

Sustainable CT staff and partner agencies will be working throughout the early fall to create programming to support affordable housing strategies. We will announce a new Affordable Housing Menu of Municipal Supports at our 2022 Sustainable CT Awards Celebration in November.

Addressing Housing Segregation and Affordability


Innovative programming, like Sustainable CT's Municipal Learning Collaborative which was supported by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and Melville Charitable Trust, provides a model for co-creation of affordable housing change and will inspire you to positive action! Learn more about Sustainable CT’s Municipal Learning Collaborative pilot project in Avon, Manchester, South Windsor, West Hartford and Wethersfield during 2021 – 2022 by reviewing our presentation, "Optimizing for Equity: Empowering, Educating and Adapting to Address Housing Segregation and Promote Affordable Housing," available in both PDF and PowerPoint formats.



We also invite you to listen to a special episode of The Impact, a Sustainable CT podcast.  It's a compelling and informative conversation about empowering vulnerable and often marginalized community members to shape municipal affordable housing strategies - a webinar that Sustainable CT held in league with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities on February 15, 2022.