Story Behind the Logo

The Sustainable CT logo is a symbolic representation of the all of the goals, values and aspirations of this program created to support a vision of thriving communities in Connecticut. The visual story of this logo reinforces the tagline, depicting “Local Action” making a “Statewide Impact” through the use of the state shape dotted with local communities represented in different colors and sizes.

The value of “multi-solving” – actions having multiple benefits - is depicted through ripple effects from those municipalities across the state. Some ripples are closer to home, some reach far and wide. Some ripples overlap and connect municipalities to each other and some even build a nodal network. These all represent the different types of sustainability work that happens locally, but can be shared across municipalities and statewide.  To be mindful of equity across the state, this design depicts different size dots in a variety of locations unrelated to town size.

The color palette is varied to confirm the idea that sustainability is more than being “green.” Blue is an especially important color in Connecticut, so that is used for the field of the state. The second-most dominant color is green to cover an array of sustainability elements that do relate to environment, food or other natural fields. A complementary color palette including yellow, as well as variations on blue and green, rounds out the full effect to provide for other areas such as health, energy, arts, education, and more.