Benchmark and Track Energy Use

Sustainable CT is pleased to partner with Eversource Energy, United Illuminating, and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology's SmartBuildings CT program to provide energy benchmarking and tracking support to registered Sustainable CT communities within the utility company service territories. UI and Eversource partner with SmartBuildings CT to make accessible building energy data experts and to promote energy efficiency workforce development in Connecticut. Interested municipalities will work with the SmartBuildings CT staff to: 1) create an Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) account (if needed); 2) establish automatic data transfer of municipal electricity and/or natural gas energy billing data for qualifying buildings to ESPM; and 3) benchmark and report municipal energy use (including use reductions and solar usage to satisfy Sustainable CT Actions Benchmark and Track Energy Use, Reduce Energy Use Across All Municipal Buildings, and/or Increase Use of Renewable Energy in Municipal Buildings.

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Take advantage of this free opportunity by sending an email expressing your interest to [email protected].

Roles / Responsibilities

SmartBuildings CT will:

  • Assign a municipal representative as the point of contact.
  • Review the existing municipal Energy Star Portfolio Manager account(s) and identify missing or incomplete data. Municipalities will be responsible for generating a list of all the qualifying buildings required to be benchmarked by Action Benchmark and Track Energy Use.
  • Work with the SmartBuildings CT representatives to automate transfer of electric or natural gas data and populate historical usage if necessary.
  • Obtain at least two years of data on energy use for non-electric or natural gas fuels (e.g. heating oil, propane), for qualifying buildings.
  • Work with SmartBuildings CT to upload non-electric or natural gas data into the municipal Energy Star Portfolio Manager account.
  • Provide SmartBuildings CT representatives any necessary background information on municipal or Board of Education buildings including square footage, occupancy, or other data required by ESPM.
  • Participate in any preparatory and/or progress calls and meetings as needed.

SmartBuildings CT will:

  • Create an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account for the municipality, if needed, or merge existing accounts to form one principal account for the municipality.
  • Assist in setting up automatic data transfer for electric and natural gas data for a municipality in ESPM (including historical billing records back 3 years).

Qualifying buildings are defined in Action Benchmark and Track Energy Use and include the primary types of municipal buildings as well as any municipally-owned building that uses more than 5,000 kWh per year.

Get Support Now

In order to work with an energy expert from SmartBuildings CT, please send an email expressing your interest to [email protected]. Requests will be accepted on an ongoing basis.