Sustainable CT Actions

Sustainable CT actions are designed with flexibility to meet the varying needs of all municipalities. Each action description below includes benefit icons, action steps, certification points, and resources. Complete one action in categories 1-12 to be eligible for Bronze, Silver, or Gold certification (all certification level require the completion of Action 1.1, Optimize for Equity, and Gold requires the completion of all actions in Category 1, Inclusive and Equitable Community Impacts). Many actions have variable points, which means there are several ways to complete the action. Achieve any one of the designated point levels within an action to consider it complete.

In addition to certification, municipalities in Sustainable CT can apply for the Climate Leader Designation. The Climate Leader Designation celebrates municipalities that are reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and preparing their communities for the impacts of climate change, while saving money, improving public health, and building community. Any town currently certified, or that successfully applies for (re)certification in tandem with the Climate Leader Designation, is eligible to apply. Sustainable CT has identified a suite of actions that will help your community control emissions. Achieve at least 150 points from the pre-identified suite of actions and your town will be designated a Climate Leader. You can filter for qualifying Climate Leader actions below. 

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