Streamlining Solar Permitting

Sustainable CT registered communities are eligible to work with SolSmart to begin action 4.6 Streamline Solar Permitting for Small Solar Installations. Under this no-cost assistance program, municipalities will work with the SolSmart team to review zoning requirements and identify restrictions that might prohibit solar PV development.

SolSmart will review your community’s zoning regulations and provide you with a memo of findings at no-cost, satisfying the requirements for 4.6.1a. This foundational step is also one of the three mandatory components of getting SolSmart Bronze designation. SolSmart is a no-cost solar technical assistance and designation program open to all communities and administered by The Solar Foundation and International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Take advantage of this free opportunity by sending an email to Sustainable CT at 

Roles / Responsibilities

Municipality will:

  • Assign at least one municipal representative as the point of contact for the completion of the regulation review and checklist development
  • Provide SolSmart staff any requested background materials
  • Participate in any preparatory and/or progress calls as needed

SolSmart will:

  • Staff from SolSmart will be responsible for performing the regulatory review as outlined in 4.6.1a, as well as compiling the required memo documenting findings
  • Coordinate with the municipal point of contact to conduct research and share deliverables