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Sustainable CT Coffee Hours

Highlighted Webinars

Webinars on Sustainable CT Basics

Webinars Focused on Equity

Webinars Focused on Applying for Certification

Technical Support Webinars on Implementing Sustainable CT Actions


Sustainable CT Coffee Hours

Sustainable CT Coffee Hour

January 15, 2021

Join Sustainable CT for informal discussions the third Friday of each month. We'll share program updates and resources, explore your questions, and strengthen the network of Sustainable CT champions. These sessions are open to all and will be recorded.


Highlighted Webinars

Continuing Conversations – Activating Green Spaces and Implementing Natural Solutions

December 17, 2020

Join this informal gathering space for people working on sustainability projects to connect, inspire, and collaborate. Speakers will share about recent projects that they’ve implemented in their communities.

Re:source:ful, Growing Sustainable Communities

September 26, 2020

Re:source:ful, Growing Sustainable Communities features stories from across our state where people have used grassroots efforts to solve unique local challenges. They’re bringing fellow residents together, and injecting greater resilience and vibrancy to their communities. Re:source:ful is a film for curious people who want to be inspired about making their own communities more resilient and sustainable.

A Young Vision for Future Connecticut Communities

August 6, 2020

The state of Connecticut is evolving, as factors like aging populations and COVID-19 continue to reshape our towns and cities. Current leaders need to respond to the changing times and attitudes of young people and have the opportunity to create better communities for those who live here now and those who will live here in the future. Youth in Connecticut are excited to be a part of the conversation on what that future will be! In this webinar, the Summer 2020 Sustainable CT Fellows present their vision for what resilient, sustainable communities look like, with particular focus on areas such as education, transportation, environment, access, and equity and diversity. We hope that in this webinar, we will be able to show what a newly imagined Connecticut can be as we come into a new decade.


Webinars on Sustainable CT Basics

Community Match Fund 101

April 30, 2020

What is the Sustainable CT Community Match Fund? How can you get funding for sustainability projects in your town?

Sustainable CT 101

April 29, 2020

What is Sustainable CT, how will it help your town, how to get started.


Webinars Focused on Equity

Building our Future Communities with Transformative Justice

September 4, 2020

Join us for a conversation about Transformative Justice and community building. At a time of severe uncertainty and calls for alternative systems join us for a discussion about ways to invest into your community in ways that are owned and run by the community. This session builds off of the previous webinars in our Social Justice Series.

LGBPQ and TGNC Voices in our Communities

August 21, 2020 

Join two of our Equity coaches to learn about gender and queer justice, the needs of the LGBPQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Queer) and TGNC (Transgender or Gender- Nonconforming) communities, and how they relate to the sustainability frameworks in your sustainability actions. This session builds off of the previous webinars in our Social Justice Series.

Disability Justice in the Time of COVID

August 14, 2020 

Join us for a session about what is Disability justice, gaps and solutions seen due to COVID-19 for the Disabled community, and ways to becoming more accessible to individuals with disabilities. This session builds off of our #Blacklivesmatter and White Supremacy session.

Deconstructing #Blacklivesmatter and White Supremacy

August 7, 2020

Join us for a session to learn about the #Blacklivesmatter movement and its relationship with white supremacy. We will address questions, such as: what is the #Blacklivesmatter movement, its history and what it is accomplishing, and concepts like white supremacy, white fragility, and power. We will provide municipalities with suggestions for hands-on solutions for responding to the #Blacklivesmatter movement in ways that are supportive but also action-orientated.


Webinars Focused on Applying for Certification

Sustainable CT: New and Improved for 2021

January 7, 2021

Come learn, ask your questions and offer your feedback on the new and improved Sustainable CT for 2021. We will provide a comprehensive overview of program changes, including discussion of action and category revisions, a simplified timeframe to receive credit for previous work, and how to meet 2021 requirements if you already have an application in progress or are seeking recertification. This opportunity is open to all but especially recommended for municipalities submitting an application to Sustainable CT in 2021.

Your Input on New Actions

July 7, 2020

This workshop is an opportunity for towns to learn about new actions and action revisions that Sustainable CT is working on for the upcoming certification cycle and then provide input on the actions being developed. As a program created for towns by towns, we will use this space to summarize new action/revision ideas and then open the floor to towns so we may learn about what works, what doesn't, and any additional ideas and feedback that the program may benefit from.

Conversation on Recertification

June 29, 2020

Sustainable CT certification lasts for 3 years. Are you applying for recertification in 2021? Learn about changes to the program that have occurred since 2018 and our anticipated timeline for releasing 2021 program updates. Share your experiences related to the impact of COVID-19 on Sustainable CT action implementation and offer input to shape the 2021 program.

Webinar: Strengthening Your Sustainable CT Application

June 5, 2020

Are you applying for certification under this summer’s August 25 deadline? See samples of great submissions and learn some tips for strengthening final Sustainable CT applications.


Technical Support Webinars on Implementing Sustainable CT Actions

2020 Connecticut Compost Webinar Series

August 26, 2020 - October 28, 2020

CT RC&D and partners hosted a Connecticut Compost Webinar series. This critical series provides information and resources for farmers and municipalities to expand their leaf and/or manure composting operation to include food scraps. The focus of the webinars included the benefits to soil health, conservation, food waste management, and climate adaptation. Compost manufacturing and compost utilization are vital to producing healthy soils, clean air and water, and a sustainable society.

Promoting Walkability in Your Community

November 17, 2020

Walkability audits can help community stakeholders examine intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, safety and more. The results can be used to help improve community walkability and promote more inclusive and safer mobility and access for all roadway users. This workshop will discuss how to conduct walkability audits in your community, eligible for points in the Sustainable CT transportation category.

Encouraging Smart Commuting During COVID and Beyond

September 15, 2020

The Transportation Leaders Program and Sustainable CT both work to inspire and incentivize municipal employees and residents to choose alternative commuting methods. This workshop will review best practices in teleworking and telework policies for municipal employers; provide an overview of result from CTRides' recent commuter survey; and describe the new Transportation Leaders Program, as well as how to simultaneously earn points for smart commuting activities in Sustainable CT.

Success Stories on Supporting Arts and Culture from Sustainable CT Communities

July 8, 2020

Learn from your municipal peers about exciting arts and culture projects related to Sustainable CT actions 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. Discussion topics include: a brief overview of Sustainable CT Category 3 Vibrant & Creative Cultural Ecosystems and support available from DECD Office of the Arts, as well as highlights from New Britain's Bee Bridge, Torrington's artist relocation program, New Haven's development of cultural equity plan, and Manchester's Art Commission/ art initiatives.

Creating a Brownfields Inventory

June 26, 2020

Brownfields are sites that are unused or underutilized because of contamination or the reasonable perception of contamination. This workshop will discuss the process of remediating and redeveloping brownfield sites, beginning with how to create a brownfields inventory, eligible for points under Sustainable CT action 1.1.1.

Assessing Your Community's Housing Needs

June 25, 2020

Under a new Connecticut law (Conn. Gen. Stat. 8-30j), every municipality must prepare a plan to increase affordable housing, beginning in 2021. Join Sustainable CT, Partnership for Strong Communities, the Regional Plan Association, Fairfield County’s Center for Housing Opportunity and municipal representatives for an informative presentation on creating affordable housing plans. Learn more about assessing your community’s housing needs generally, as well as how those efforts can earn your community points through Sustainable CT’s housing action 8.1. Additionally, as part of Regional Plan Association’s work to provide the Connecticut Department of Housing with an affordable housing community plan and process guide, we also invite you to participate in a conversation on what guidance would be most helpful in developing these assessments and plans.

Free Municipal Energy Tracking/Benchmarking Services

June 24, 2020

Learn about the value and importance of benchmarking and tracking energy use in your municipal buildings and schools. You'll hear from Amy Thompson, energy specialist contractor to Eversource and Avangrid, who is available at no cost to all CT towns to help your town: establish and maintain Energy Star Portfolio Manager accounts for municipal buildings, initiate an automatic data feed from your utility accounts into Portfolio Manager, and understand how this data can inform your next steps to reduce energy and save money through Energize CT program offerings. Eligible for points under Sustainable CT actions 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3.

SMART Way to Reduce Trash: While Saving Money and the Environment

June 11, 2020

Save Money and Reduce Trash” (SMART) is a strategy that charges residents for waste disposal, based on the amount thrown away. Learn how SMART works, hear from peer municipalities that have implemented SMART, calculate key metrics on your community’s waste generation, and earn points for your efforts in Sustainable CT under actions 7.5 and 7.6.

Sustainable CT: Understanding C-PACE with the CT Green Bank

May 19, 2020

Learn how to earn points under Sustainable CT action 1.6.

Sustainable CT - Best Practices in Sustainable Procurement

April 2,2020

This webinar will assist municipalities with the Sustainable CT action Implementing a Sustainable Purchasing Policy. Bring your most pressing questions for the Q&A!

Opportunities to Implement Sustainable CT Transportation Actions

July 22, 2019

Join Sustainable CT staff to learn how to implement Sustainable CT Transportation actions in your community! Password: JyATwE6m

Putting Organics to a Higher Use through Composting or Biofuels

July 16, 2018

Learn about the benefits of organics recycling and how active food scraps programs can earn points towards Sustainable CT certification!