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Sustainable CT: Community Match Fund Office Hours - Social Change Amplifier Fund

May 26, 2022 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Sustainable CT is excited to host the May Community Match Fund Office Hour on the new Social Change Amplifier Fund (SCAF) launched with the generous partnership of the Supporting Organizing Work – CT funders collaborative. The Social Change Amplifier Fund dedicates funds via the existing $1:$1 Community Match Fund program to projects led by Black, Latinx, Multiracial, Indigenous and other People of Color (POC) community organizers and organizations, with adjustments to help the campaigns reach scale and fundraising goals efficiently.

If you, or an organization/person you know, could benefit from this program, please share and plan to join Joseph Dickerson, Sustainable CT's Community Partnership Manager, on Thursday, May 26th from 12-1pm to discuss the details of this exciting new funding opportunity.

What are the criteria for the Social Change Amplifier Match Fund?

  • Organized by Black, Latinx, Multiracial, Indigenous and People of Color (POC) leaders (grassroots groups, individual resident or nonprofit organization)

  • Provide broad public benefits to your community (not to support private businesses or individuals through such methods as bail funds or rental assistance)

  • Align with Sustainable CT’s action roadmap

  • Planned for one or more Sustainable CT registered towns

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Projects, events, campaigns or community activities that promote public awareness and education

  • Community canvasing, surveys, forums and meetings

  • Vision sessions, focus groups

  • Community leadership training

  • Restorative justice projects

  • Murals and other public art

How does the Social Change Amplifier Match Fund work?

Unlike traditional grant programs, Sustainable CT offers a quick, simple application process (starting with a conversation) with no deadlines, no lengthy review period, and minimal reporting requirements. Sustainable CT helps you create your project description on their crowdfunding platform, provides a crowdfunding coach, spreads the word about your project to bring in support from outside of your networks, and will match up to $7,500 in one-to-one matching dollars from the Social Change Amplifier Match Fund. Please contact [email protected] to schedule a call to discuss your project idea at any time.

NOTE: All Sustainable CT online events are recorded, including audio, video and chat texts. We make these recordings available, verbatim, to participants and to the public through our website and on YouTube. We may also use these recordings, in whole or in part, in social media posts, promotional and press material, in Actions & Impact, a Sustainable CT newsletter, and in the creation of The IMPACT, a Sustainable CT podcast, to support the action framework and further the mission of Sustainable CT. Be advised that by participating in a Sustainable CT virtual online event, and acknowledging that recording is taking place, you are accepting our use of your depiction, voice and chat texts in the manner(s) described.

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