Funding Focus Areas

We believe local leaders know their community best, and are the greatest innovators of ideas with impact. The four focus areas of the Community Match Fund are general and broad to serve as catalysts for intentional action to address vital issues common across the state. Consider the examples within each category as a place to start, but in no way exhaustive. Curious if your idea fits?! Let's chat.


General Fund for all Sustainability Projects

Projects that align with the Sustainable CT roadmap of actions that promote high-quality, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods and towns.

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Climate Change & Clean Energy Amplifier Fund

Projects that promote, support, or target energy efficiency, renewable energy, and GHG reduction.

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Social Change Amplifier Fund

Projects led by Black, Latinx, Multiracial, Indigenous and other People of Color (POC) community organizers and organizations.

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Food Waste Diversion & Composting Amplifier Fund

Projects that promote food waste diversion and composting.

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